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Dual use of agricultural land

Agri-PV, Germany

An expansion of solar power production is a central component of the energy transition across the world and a prerequisite for achieving our climate goals. New ways of making the process more land efficient are being explored.

One area that has received attention in Germany is the dual use of agricultural land. Agri-photovoltaics, also known as Agri-PV, combine agriculture with solar power production. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection in Germany has recognized the potential of Agri-PV and is encouraging its use within energy generation programmes. Studies show that Agri-PV not only generates energy, but can also help to make agricultural areas more resilient to the negative effects of climate change on agriculture because the solar modules offer some protection from strong sunlight, heat, and hail.

The substructure is of central importance in the technical implementation and realization of Agri-PV. With the use of hot dip galvanized steel, which is used in a variety of ways in both agriculture and the solar industry, proven, durable and sustainable corrosion protection is provided, which ensures that maintenance can be avoided.

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Image:MKG Göbel Solutions GmbH

Posted onNovember 10, 2022 byGalvanizers Association

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