In 2017 the galvanizing industry in UK and Ireland decided to highlight the role of the galvanizer within the construction supply chain by inviting key construction professionals to an open-door event. The idea came about from the annual RIBA open door event and the value of how much more is learnt about design and usage by first-hand site visits, rather than from leafing through a text book or consulting a manual.

Behind the thinking was the notion that, for generations, the galvanizing industry had gone about its business in a modest quiet way, without any major open day event to show off the benefits of a simple process that provides a protective coating which invisibly preserves some of the UK’s finest architecture and infrastructure.

Galvanizing Industry Open Day


The galvanizing experience

It was recognized that everyone within the construction sector prioritised different aspects of the coating, for some aesthetics were paramount, others stressed corrosion protection or cost efficiencies. Galvanizers Association hoped an open day would underscore these benefits and help contractors, fabricators, architects and engineers understand more detail and design and specify with the process in mind.

Roll forward two years and the industry open day had such positive feedback, that sites across the UK and Ireland are preparing for a repeat performance. They are hoping to increase take-up from the 500 visitors of 2017 and talk through how galvanizing can help with one of the most pressing issues of our time, a circular economy.

Site visits give you so much information about best practice when it comes to design, logistics and understanding the process behind the specification. But really, issues have moved on, even in the last two years.

Our understanding is that the construction industry is now taking a long hard look at materials and longevity. Galvanizing has always delivered on cost, on no-maintenance and reliability, what we are keen to show now is that it can also be part of the equation when it comes to sustainable construction.

Plus, I still think that for most specifiers, seeing freshly galvanized steel emerging from the zinc bath is still a novelty. I’ve seen it hundreds of times and I still get that wow-factor.

Iqbal Johal – Marketing Manager

About the 2019 open door event

The Galvanizing Industry Open Door Event will be held on October 15th. It is a RIBA approved event and will be held as part of a Continuing Professional Development programme, designed to strengthen links with the galvanizer in the supply chain.

As part of their CPD programme Galvanizers Association is working with the construction industry to increase engagement with plants within product development and at the design phase of projects. Further information about the open day can be found at

Posted by Galvanizers Association on31st July 2019

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