The countdown has begun to the annual GAGAs – Galvanizers Association Galvanizing Awards. Entry is now open for these highly regarded awards, which offer an accessible yet powerful way of establishing a reputation for design excellence, within the architectural community and beyond.

The GAGAs are open to all within the construction supply chain from clients, architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators.

The event will be held June 2018 at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London, where judges will award the most inventive and authentic use of hot dip galvanizing in five categories: Galvanizing in Architecture, Galvanizing in Engineering, Galvanizing in Detail, Sustainable Galvanizing and the Duplex Award.

The GAGAs were conceived of as a way of encouraging links between, the galvanizing industry at the end of the supply chain, and the wider construction and design sectors. They have been running for nearly a quarter of a century and during that time we have become a barometer for interesting trends in construction methodology and architectural practice. Click to see the 2018 GAGA winners.

“The GA awards connect architecture back to process and celebrate a simple and robust technique which could be applied to anything from the most banal structure, to a large and complex building.
They encourage an interesting debate about architectural language and for good measure throw a glamorous watering can into the bargain – surely a winning formula!”

Charlie Hussey, of previous winners Sutherland Hussey Harris

Entries can be made at or by contacting Galvanizers Association. Any new building or refurbishment project completed after 1st January 2016 is eligible.

Posted by Galvanizers Association on12th March 2019

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