The road to 2050 is shorter than we think. Decarbonisation in construction means choosing materials that offer safety, sustainability, and durability, and choosing them now. As one of the most long lasting and trusted materials on the market, galvanized steel is a proven solution with strong circular credentials, that is widely and readily available. It offers exceptional longevity, can be remade and re-used infinitely, and is safe, circular and resilient.

How galvanized steel contributes to decarbonisation in construction

1. Unbeatable corrosion resistance that lasts for decades

When steel is exposed to the elements, moisture and oxygen combine to cause rust, which can lead to costly maintenance or even structural weakness over time. Hot dip galvanizing creates a unique barrier that keeps corrosive agents at bay. For engineering and architectural projects in coastal or humid areas, or structures exposed to the elements, galvanized steel is the leading corrosion prevention system, which can outperform other options including paint systems. In fact, a self-sacrificing galvanized coating can last for up to a hundred years, without requiring frequent maintenance or replacements. This means a galvanized coating offers unrivalled durability and longevity and helps reduce carbon footprint too.

2. Sustainable and infinitely reusable

Galvanized steel is highly resistant to mechanical damage, which makes it an ideal choice for modular design and reusable components. As the construction sector looks to improve traceability and redeploy existing resources, materials that can be demounted and reused without significant remaking, will become increasingly valuable. Climate resilient design means producing adaptable structures that can be remodelled to suit changing needs and which keep valuable resources in a cycle of constant use. Galvanized steel answers these demands and more.

Decarbonising Construction

3. Putting safety first

By helping to decarbonise construction over the longer term, galvanized steel will help mitigate the damages of a changing climate and contribute to healthier, safer public spaces.

It also eliminates the potential health and safety hazards of continual maintenance of largescale structures. In addition, climate resilient solutions need to be circular but they also need to be reliably proven too. Galvanized steel meets both of these criteria and has an exceptional performance record. Not only does it behave predictably, its performance is also supported by reliable data that predicts the durability and performance of galvanized steel across the UK and Ireland.

To summarize, a galvanized coating has unrivalled corrosion resistance and durability. Its circular benefits make it a leading solution for a wide range of applications, where architects and engineers can confidently rely on galvanized steel to bring their visionary, climate resilient designs to life. As the construction and fabrication sectors embrace decarbonisation, galvanized steel will offer exciting solutions built around safety, circularity, and resilience.

Posted by Jareena on30th October 2023

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