GAGA Construction Awards: How to enter

The Galvanizing Awards competition has been recognising the innovative use of galvanized steel by architects, engineers, constructors and artists for over 20 years. In order to appreciate all aspects of galvanized steel, awards will be presented in the following categories:

How to Enter Online 
Click on ‘Entry Form‘, complete the details and click on the ‘Send’ button. You will receive an instant on-screen message thanking you for entering.

Alternatively, you can enter by email to [email protected]

You will be contacted in regards to your submission.

Why Enter?
Entering is free, quick and easy. The competition gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation. The winning entries will be featured on our website and in our ‘Hot Dip Galvanizing‘ magazine, which has a circulation of over 30,000 specifiers across Europe.

Who can enter?
The Galvanizing Awards are open to:

  • Architects
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Constructors
  • Artists

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What type of project is eligible?
All projects, large or small, new or refurbished, from across the UK and Ireland, are eligible. All UK companies can enter a project located overseas. The judging is based on merit and not the scale of the project. Submitted entries will be considered in following categories:

Galvanizing in Architecture Award
This will be awarded to the most innovative and effective use of galvanized steelwork in architectural projects. It will include all sizes of project and will judge the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the structure. Read more about the architecture award.

Galvanizing in Engineering Award
This award will take into consideration all aspects of the above mentioned award with special attention paid to structural functionality and industrial use of galvanized steel. Entries in this category will be judged on their approach towards galvanizing and incorporation of it in the design stages. Read more about the engineering award.

Galvanizing in Detail Award
For this architectural steelwork detail award the jury will be looking for the interesting and innovative use of galvanized steel in elements that are not necessarily the main part of a structure but form a detail, which supports the overall functionality and aesthetics of it. This category includes all the artistic entries, renowned for beautiful detailing.

Sustainable Galvanizing Award
For this award the judges will consider the overall project’s sustainability concept and the role that galvanized steel plays in the delivery of it. They will look for a project where galvanized steel is used mainly for its ecological benefits, which will be clearly reflected within the project’s description and philosophy behind it.

Read more about the sustainable award.

Duplex Award
The award for duplex systems will take into consideration the project that uses galvanized steel coated with any of the organic coatings i.e. wet paints, powder coating etc.

Galvanizing in Art Award
The GAGA Award for Galvanizing in Art will be awarded to the most compelling use of galvanized steelwork in contemporary art and the built environment.

This award is open to any professional artist, professional metalworker or designer at any stage in their career. The judging panel will consider any work that harnesses the creative potential of galvanized steel: monumental and public art, art installation, and smaller scale, private commercial pieces are all eligible.

Judging of the art award is based on merit and not the scale of the piece.

Read more about the art award.

All projects submitted can enter in multiple categories.

Projects completed (new or refurbished) are eligible. All entries must be submitted with a completed entry form. Galvanizers Association reserves the right to reassign categories for submitted entries. Galvanizers Association reserves the right to mount/remount material supplied for the entry. Although copyright remains with the authors, Galvanizers Association has the right to reproduce material for publication including digitally or via the internet for the promotion of the awards and for the promotion of the use of galvanizing.