Published July 2021

Datasheet 9: Avoiding Distortion During Hot Dip Galvanizing

In practice, cases of distortion during hot dip galvanizing are relatively infrequent. There are a number of important criteria that designers should keep in mind.

HDG Datasheet 9 - Avoiding Distortion During Hot Dip GalvanizingDistortion occurs due to the relief of locked-in stresses within a steel section or fabrication. At room temperature the steel is sufficiently strong to accommodate such stresses, but at the galvanizing bath temperature, the steel’s yield strength may be reduced by up to 40%.

This datasheet offers information on the following:

  • the variety of reasons for which stresses will be present
  • precautions that you can take, which should significantly reduce the potential for distortion
  • remedies and other product-specific guidance

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