Published July 2021

Datasheet 6: Steel Condition - Considerations Before Galvanizing

The chemical composition and the condition of the steel which forms the base material are vitally important for successful hot dip galvanizing.

They affect the thickness, structure and quality of the galvanized coating.

For best results it is just as important for the customer to ensure careful preparation of the steel components as it is to ensure that the construction and design are suitable for galvanizing.

HDG Datasheet 6 - CONSIDERATIONS BEFORE HOT DIP GALVANIZING - Steel ConditionThis datasheet offers information on the following:

  • Removal of Contamination
  • Shot Blasting and Shot Blast Residue
  • Welding Slag and Welding Aids
  • Old Coating and Markings
  • Steel Surface Roughness
  • Materials
  • Steel Surface Defects

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